Dear Readers,

I have some very exciting news for you!

I’m thrilled to announce that my latest book is now available in print and digital format.

Shabbat deLights is an inspiring collection on the weekly Torah portion with insights into many areas of daily life.

Whether in the realm of parenting, relationships, time management or personal insecurities, Shabbat deLights provides practical tools to empower Jewish people of every age and gender to deal with life’s many challenges, while giving a deeper perspective of their hidden abilities and the treasured wisdom of our G‑dly inheritance.

Every day, we face countless challenges and uncertainties. These battles drain us and distract us from our innate potential. And yet, each of us has been gifted with unimaginable powers. No matter how insignificant we may feel, no matter what path we have taken or how blemished we may feel we have become, our Divine core remains untarnished and connects us to who we are and what we can be.

Just as an arrow must be pulled back towards one’s heart to strike the heart of a distant opponent, the most powerful weapon we have to confront our fears and demons is strengthening our inner essence—knowing who we are and why we are here.

Shabbat deLights aims to be your weekly pat on your back, encouraging you to stand taller, reach deeper and be truer to yourself.

The essays are all original, contemporary and firmly rooted in the wellsprings of Chassidic thought. Produced by and published by Ezra Press, an imprint of Kehot Publication Society, this beautiful two-volume set comes in an attractive slip case and is a perfect gift for that someone special in your life—or as a special gift to treat yourself!

Many of the essays in Shabbat deLights originally appeared here on the pages of or as my editor’s note. I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful to serve as the editor of It was the encouragement, feedback and correspondence from you, my treasured readers, that motivated me to put my essays together and publish them in a book form. And that is how the book was born!

And so I want to thank you all for being a part of this endeavor and join me in celebrating its launch!

Click here for more information on Shabbat DeLights and to order your copy.

Wishing you a wonderful week, full of deLight-ful inspiration from the wisdom of Torah!

Chana Weisberg

Editor, TJW