On Shabbat morning, Pittsburgh’s peaceful Jewish enclave of Squirrel Hill was shattered by gunshots as a crazed anti-Semite attacked worshippers at the Tree of Life congregation. Reeling from the pain, Pittsburghers struggled to make sense of the tragedy that had befallen their city, and people around the world responded with an outpouring of love, support, mitzvahs, and faith.

We at Chabad.org have been working nonstop, helping our colleagues in Pittsburgh to organize a memorial campaign (click here to send condolences or register your mitzvah), covering the news and sharing touching responses to the tragedy.

To the people of Pittsburgh, be strong; we are with you. To the people of the world, we are strong and are grateful for your support.

May G‑d protect His children everywhere!

The Chabad.org Team

P.S.: This weekend is the International Conference of Chabad Lubavitch Emissaries in Brooklyn, a wonderful expression of Jewish pride and unity. Tune in on Sunday to join the live broadcast.