For Jews, food and identity are like matzah balls and chicken soup. From the sights and smells of Shabbat and holiday cooking, to the nostalgic tastes and comfort of a beloved grandmother’s kitchen, so much of our Jewish experience revolves around eating. But navigating the world of kosher cooking can be confusing even for experienced cooks.

Enter’s Kosher Cooking site. Redesigned from the ground up, this new site offers users a chance to explore classic and modern kosher recipes, learn some of the basic laws of kashrut and dig into some Jewish history as well.

According to Miriam Szokovski, editor of Kosher Cooking, the new site is designed with the cook in mind, “offering Shabbat and holiday-specific recipes, along with regular day-to-day cooking tips and recipes that don’t need to be adapted for the kosher kitchen.“

The site also helps users contextualize and apply the laws of kashrut in their own homes.

Beyond a fresh new design, modern interface and enticing photos, the new site is built to easily find just the right recipe for any situation. A powerful search engine lets users stew over whatever their dietary needs or taste preferences may be.

Looking for a low-fat, vegan, Indian main course? Try the Aloo Gobi with Spinach Pakora!

And if you’re going dairy, don’t forget Doughnuts with Feta, Honey and Pistachios for dessert. Beyond just tasty treats though, Szokovski sees the site as a portal to an entire world of Jewish practice and study.

“Food is intrinsically connected to Judaism,” she says. From a kosher nosh to Friday-night dinner, “living Jewishly means living communally, and living communally means shared meals and connecting over food.”

The site will play an important link between the generations, connecting memories of ”eating latkes straight from Bubby’s frying pan” to making related, modern-day dishes (and memories) for a new generation of children and grandchildren. “The Kosher Cooking food site,” Szokovski hopes, “will be the link to help people do just that.”

You can explore the food site on your own at