The book of Psalms (Tehillim)—composed by King David, whose yahrzeit we will observe on Shavuot—has been a voice to the Jewish people in good times and bad since the biblical era. That’s why is excited to announce new audio recordings of the entire book of Psalms in Hebrew and English!

Long one of the most requested items, the new series is set to open the power of Psalms to people of all backgrounds and abilities. Each chapter is chanted slowly and clearly, making it ideal for anyone wishing to read along. For the novice learning to read Hebrew, the experienced Psalm-sayer wishing to recite along with the audio on the road, and someone with impaired vision, these chapters—which can be enjoyed in Hebrew and in English—are easy to maneuver and ready for use.

Have a great Shavuot!

P.S.: We look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning, when the 10 Commandments will be read at your nearest Chabad center.