Several weeks before Passover we found out we’d be heading to Palma de Mallorca, home to some 250 Jews. Daniel has been there as part of the Roving Rabbis program before, so he got busy reconnecting with his contacts while I set out to find a suitable venue for the Seder.

Our first preference would have been one of theWe were told that they do not allow parties many hotels that dot the area, but several inquiries yielded the same result—it is against their policy to allow us to serve our own food. Plan B was to rent an airbnb. We left messages on several websites with our requested dates and intended use, asking if they had seating for forty people. Not surprisingly, we were told by each in turn that they do not allow parties on their premises.

Our last resort was to find a catering hall with a kitchen, but that would have been complicated with carrying on Shabbat and all the stringencies of Passover food, so we were still hoping for an airbnb that would be more accommodating when Joseph messaged us. He said that he had reconsidered and we could go ahead with his rental. It was a great relief and we quickly made all the necessary arrangements.

We spent the Shabbat before Passover with Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid Libersohn, Chabad emissaries to Barcelona, who supplied us with everything we would need to make the Seders. On Monday, we flew the short distance to Palma and made our way to the airbnb, laden with suitcases and boxes. Joseph was there to greet us and eyed our supplies warily. “I’m nervous about this party you’re having,” he said after a quick greeting. “This house is a heritage house and everything has to stay perfect.” We reassured him that we would be extremely careful.

“I have to tell you why I agreed.” he continued.We had an unexpected guest at the Seder “I saw that your names are Jewish, and you are hosting dinner for your holiday. My family is German, and I felt that I needed to do something for the Jews.”

We continued chatting and Joseph eventually shared that his maternal grandmother had been Jewish. What an unexpected twist! We told Joseph that he may be German, but he is also a fully-fledged Jew!

We had an unexpected guest at the Seder several nights later, but luckily, we didn't’ have to clear it with management first. Joseph sat with our other guests, thoroughly enjoying himself, participating in the discussions and songs and meeting lots of new friends. Hopefully, he will join them at future Jewish events.