As a regular reader of Chabad.org, you may know Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz through his writings. Or perhaps you came to him through his music. If you’re like us, you are probably in awe of this special man, who refuses to let ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) stop him from sharing laughter, joy and optimism. All he is able to do physically is move his eyes—he even types on the computer that way—and smile. Yet he spends hours and hours “writing” Torah thoughts and inspirational messages.

This week, Rabbi Yitzi turns 46. Friends, admirers and students all over the world are getting together to give him the greatest birthday gift they can think of: 4,600 Jewish men will put on tefillin in his honor. Between us, we’ve been in in touch with Rabbi Yitzi, and he told us that he is super excited and touched by the gesture, and he looks forward to seeing the photos from everyone who participates.

So please click here for details on how you can get involved in this international effort!

#TefillinForYitzi #ShineALittleLight

The Chabad.org Editorial Team