Dear Friend,

Bows and arrows? Check! Camping supplies? Check! Sunhat? Check! Water bottles? Check! Fire-building supplies? Check!

Sounds like someone about to go on a machismo bow-hunting expedition? Keep on listening . . .

Chassidic text? Check! Money for charity? Check!

You’ve guessed it. It’s the sound of Jewish children and adults all over the world getting ready for Lag BaOmer—the day we celebrate the birth of Kabbalah out in the fields, marveling at G‑d’s magnificent creation.

Lag BaOmer takes place this Sunday, and there’s bound to be a Chabad-sponsored celebration near you. So pack the sunscreen, gather up the kids, invite a friend and get ready for a great time outdoors!

Happy Lag BaOmer!

The Chabad Editorial Team

P.S. Just in case you are wondering, here are the reasons for the bows and bonfires.