On May 8, 2017, Chabad.org will launch a new course that offers insight into emotional intelligence and finding balance in life. Inspired by classic Jewish teachings, we’ve collected and adapted 13 ways to live healthier: socially, mentally, even physically.

1. Positive thinking attracts positive outcomes.

(Rabbi Menachem Mendel, Tzemach Tzedek of Lubavitch)

2. Take responsibility for how you react to others.

(Bava Kama 2:6)

3. Be sensitive and aware of others people’s feelings.

(Leviticus 19:18)

4. Appreciate and have gratitude for the goodness in your life.

(Avot 4:1)

5. Live in the present, not in what “could be” or “could have been.”

(Avot 1:14).

6. When processing a painful experience, consider that it might be part of a bigger picture.

(Taanit 21a)

7. Emphasizing past failure is poison; avoid it at all costs.

(Tzvaat Harivash, Section 46).

8. Relax and recognize that G‑d is in control.

(Maimonides, Yesodei Hatorah, Chapter 2)

9. Don’t judge others until you’re in their shoes.

(Avot 2:4)

10. Properly interpret situations by developing your Emotional Quotient.

Image credit: GIPHY/ Mighty Oak

11. Recognize that happiness is the journey, not the destination.

(Avot 4:16)

12. Know your strengths and weaknesses.

(Rabbi Sholom DovBer of Lubavitch, The “Rebbe Rashab”)

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Emotional Intelligence can be a tremendous asset to those who have it, but how do the rest of us get in on it? Mrs. Rochel Holzkenner offers Torah lessons on mastering four prime emotions and how to live a more balanced life. In this four-part course starting May 8th you will learn to live a happier life!

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