The holiday of Passover begins the evening of Monday, April 10.

To help prepare for it, we’ve gathered 10 amazing tools on that will help you celebrate—be it at home, with family or on the road!

Find a Seder, No Matter Where You Are

From Kansas to Kenya, no matter where you may be this Passover, you can find a seder near you.

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Chametz Begone

During Passover, Jews are forbidden from owning or possessing any chametz, leavened foods These products are sold to a non-Jew for the duration of the holiday. Thanks to the chametz selling tool, chametz both at home and on the road can be sold with ease.

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Check the List

Double check everything you'll need to pull of a Passover - be it abroad or at home - with this handy list.

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Get Your Own Matzah Delivered!

Traditional handmade shmurah matzah is recommended for Seder use. With’s handy service, have matzah delivered wherever you are.

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Master the 'Mah Nishtana'

Why should this Seder be different from every other Seder? Don’t get caught unprepared; practice the four questions of the “Mah Nishtanah” with our interactive trainer.

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Recipes for Easy Kosher-for-Passover Foods

Make a delicious seder and tasty meals the entire holiday with our complete guide to kosher-for-Passover recipes.

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Brush Up on Passover in Any Language

Take advantage of Passover articles, videos and guides in nine foreign languages on our site!

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Forgot Your Haggadah? Print It Out!

Even if you left your Haggadah at home, has you covered. Choose from our selection of print-ready Haggadahs online.

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Bring the Light

The holiday of Passover, like Shabbat, is ushered in with the lighting of candles. Find out candle-lighting times around the world with’s candle-lighting times app.

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Videos for People Big and Small

Road trips and flights before the holiday can be maddeningly long. Enter’s and Jewish Kids video apps. With hours of Passover content (and beyond), they are sure to entertain and inform the entire family.

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When Can I Eat Bread Again?

After Passover ends, we wait an hour for the rabbi to buy back the chametz. When does the holiday end?

Find holiday conclusion times around the world with’s halachic time calendar.

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