Chidon Sefer Hamitzvos Girls Tournament (5777)

International Championship of the 613 Mitzvot

March 19, 2017 10:45 AM

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bracha Pittsburgh May 13, 2020

go sefer hamitzvhos Reply

Anonymous Cary North Carolina May 24, 2017

Go Nigri Shluchim Online School Girls, Team Parush Hamishnayis, Torah Day School Houston, and Cheder Morristown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Staff via March 27, 2017

To All We have not yet received a recording from the organizers. Sorry about that! Reply

Rey The Resistance March 25, 2017

AWESOME You go, girls! Reply

Anonymous London March 20, 2017

Was it recorded, the kids want to watch it again Reply

Anonymous March 19, 2017

? when is the replay gonna be available???? Reply

Anonymous March 19, 2017

When will the Chidon game show be available to view? Reply

Cirel Lipskier Brooklyn, March 19, 2017

replay? Reply

Anonymous NFL March 19, 2017

Link isn't working It looks like the live streaming isn't working.any way to fix it? Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn March 19, 2017

Is it live yet? Is it live yet? Reply

Anonymous March 19, 2017

when will it go live? Reply

leslie williamson Frederick MD USA March 19, 2017

Chidon Mazel tov, Cherna Labkowski! Love Bubbe Leslie Reply