“May G‑d grant me another son.” (Genesis 30:24)

Joseph was Rachel’s first child, born after many years of waiting. The name Joseph indicates adding, embracing, and gathering. This painting shows us Joseph's tomb, the center of which is a gaping black hole. And yet, the area is surrounded by golden sheaves of wheat, representing Joseph as the sustainer and resilient leader of his family and of his nation. The dark cavity of the tomb and the path are illuminated by the nourishing, golden wheat, symbols of our strength to transform pain into spiritual growth and light. In the background are two mountains, Mt. Gerizim and Mt. Evel: Gerizim, which is lush and green, was the mountain of blessings; Evel, which is barren, is the mountain of curses. Seen side by side, they ask the viewer to think about suffering and flourishing, and to look to the righteous Joseph for an example of the transformation of which we are capable.

The darkness that pulls us into the center of this painting reflects the tribe of Joseph's gemstone onyx.