“Because of my good fortune, because women have called me fortunate.” (Genesis 30:13)

Leah named Zilpah’s second child Asher, which indicates an abundance of fortune and joy. Asher embodies the kind of happiness that comes from prosperity, from having more than what is needed for survival. This painting invites us to join in a luxurious late afternoon feast of fruit - to enjoy the bounty of the Land. The seven species of the Land of Israel - wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and dates - are laid before us, and the land spread out beneath us is lush and productive. The land of the tribe of Asher, along the northwest coast of Israel, was known for its olive trees and oil, which represent prosperity.

The fresh blue color of the tribe’s gemstone, aquamarine, is reflected in the sky and in the Mediterranean Sea, which shines in the distant horizon.