“And Leah said, ‘Fortune has come.’” (Genesis 30:11)

Leah named the first child of her maidservant Zilpah, Gad: a name that indicates appreciation of good fortune. The soaring eagles draw us into the painting, reminding us of the way we were lead out of Egyptian bondage al kanfei nesharim, “on the wings of eagles.” After hundreds of years of slavery, and decades of travel through the desert, G‑d guided us to our Land. Overlooking the Jordan Valley, the soaring eagles lift us above the valley of our common concerns into an uplifting birds-eye-view of our priorities and an appreciation of what we have. Gad is also the warrior archetype who, expanding on the theme of justice exemplified by Dan, recognizes what is important and fights to protect our beliefs and values.

The purple shadows, cast by the hills of the landscape, reflect the tribe of Gad’s gemstone, amethyst.