G‑d has judged me and also listened to my voice.” (Genesis 30:6)

Rachel named the first child of her nursemaid Bilhah, Dan, a name that embodies the quality of justice. Judgment and justice are about setting boundaries and maintaining objectivity to avoid confusion. Civilization rests on the justice of its laws and its ability to draw clear lines between right and wrong. This painting of Gush Dan, in the Tel Aviv area, shows the natural boundary between sea and land with space for a city to spring up and come into focus. We see the land and water, city and sky, the memory of the past and the glimmerings of a future. The tribe of Dan, the last tribe to travel in the nation’s desert encampment formation, had the task of collecting any items left behind. They are the ones who navigate the boundaries and, while maintaining distinctions, weave together an objective and just point of view.

The unique quality of opal is in its interplay of colors. The tribe of Dan’s gemstone is reflected in the milky haze above the city in the distant horizon, in shimmering water, and in the homes that are scattered beneath us.