G‑d has given me a good portion.” (Genesis 30:20)

Leah’s sixth son, Zebulun, embodies the ability to seek and find the gifts embedded within the everyday. Zebulun was a merchant tribe that partnered with the tribe of Issachar to support their study. Zebulun’s role was to enter the marketplace and reveal the sparks of G‑dliness hidden within the materiality of the world. The painting’s view of a port asks us to look beneath the surface of the water to the unexplored world below, to navigate the watery surface of a world that is inherently foreign to us and allow it to offer up its spiritual gifts. And when we have the courage to seek out the sparks of the Divine within our lives, and to support scholarship however we can, we are blessed. The twin boats, Shalom (Peace) and Baruch (Blessed) are ready to carry us and keep us afloat.

The gemstone of Zebulun is a diamond, reflected in this painting in the sparkling clarity of the water and the sky.