“This time I will thank G‑d.” (Genesis 29:35)

Judah, Leah’s fourth son, was named for her gratitude. The tribe of Judah, which is the tribe of royalty, embodies the quality of gratitude and humility—the ability to acknowledge one’s wrongdoings, as well as one’s position as a recipient of blessings. The quality of humility is an essential characteristic of a leader who leads from a position of receptivity rather than power. This painting looks down the winding way from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, from an abundant foreground that places us amid grapevines, olive trees and wheat—three of the seven species of the Land of Israel. The spaciousness of the landscape reflects the spaciousness of our own hearts, which are gratefully prepared to acknowledge the bountiful blessings in our lives. And it is with this humility that we access our own leadership qualities and can move forward with strength.

The warm browns of the desert sands of Judah’s land reflect the gemstone of carbuncle (or garnet).