“This time my husband will be attached to me.” (Genesis 29:34)

The attachment that Leah describes in naming her third son, Levi, is embodied in the tribe’s quality of service. The tribe of Levi is dedicated to G‑d in their service in the Sanctuary, working together for the good of all to express devotion to the One Above. The painting invites us to step down into the courtyard of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem—to join in the service. Our eye is drawn to the menorah in the center, which was cast from one solid piece of gold. The flames of the menorah were said to point towards the middle flame. At the center of our service of G‑d is our unity as a nation. Together, as one, we are dedicated to our higher purpose: the holy task of lighting up the world.

The green hues of the painting reflect the gemstone of the tribe of Levi, green agate.