While Jews around the world prepare to dip apples in honey on Rosh Hashanah Chabad.org has an apple of its own for people around the world to enjoy before the holiday.

For the very first time, Jewish.tv—Chabad.org’s premier video site—can be accessed and enjoyed using Apple TV.

Keeping with Chabad.org’s mandate of making Judaism accessible wherever people are, the app makes the full breadth of more than 13,000 videos on Jewish.tv accessible wherever an Apple TV can be found. Users can now relax on their couch at home and effortlessly turn their televisions into a rich source of Jewish educational and entertaining video content.

The app, released in August, takes advantage of Apple’s platform and lets users choose videos from a wide variety of genres, with specialized channels for kids, music, food, and a broad range of Torah classes and lectures.

Using the new app, there is no need to worry about stopping in the middle of a class. The app makes it easy for users to resume watching from whatever point a video was paused. The app also suggests additional video viewing based on a new “suggestions engine” built especially for this release, taking into account the user’s viewing history.

As a bonus, using the user’s location, the app provides local Shabbat times and suggests nearby events at local Chabad centers right on your Apple TV. Prior to each Jewish holiday, the app will also suggest content-related videos.