is excited to share a new take on the Mishneh Torah, the 12th-century compilation by Maimonides that covers all aspects of Jewish law. For the first time online, we’ve released a complete linear Hebrew-English translation of this classic work.

This new format features user-friendly layout, a fresh design and an easy-to-use linear format.

In addition to its wide appeal as the first codification of Jewish law of its kind, the Rambam’s seminal work on Jewish law is studied annually by Jewish communities around the world, many turning to’s daily study pages and apps each day to do so. Since 2009, a modern, accessible English translation has been available on, thanks to a partnership with the Moznaim publishing company.

Until now, however, the Hebrew and English texts were on separate pages, which made it cumbersome for those wishing to reference both languages at the same time.

With the linear format—made possible by a grant from Dr. Reuven and Pearl Rockford and family—both texts are now instantly accessible.

The new format is the result of a seven-month project that combined a custom-tailored rendering engine designed by developers and their UI team, working alongside content editors who spent hundreds of hours tagging and reformating the text to enable the automatic matching of the English to the Hebrew text.’s new linear format is, of course, responsive and works on desktops, tablets and mobile devices, which has become the dominant consumer of daily study content.

And because the engine powering the translation is modular, other foundational Hebrew texts will also be slated for the linear layout.