I invite you to experience this painting which explores the theme of Shabbat, one of the crowning jewels of Jewish experience. Thank G‑d for Shabbat!

Breathe in as you gaze into the painting and access the incredible tranquility, peace and power available to us during Shabbat. Breathe out and explore the undulations, the flowing water-like movement, the vibrating structure of G‑dliness and the tiny dots of silver, red, and gold. The 36 actions of creation and destruction that we do not engage in on Shabbat free us to see the perfection of the world that G‑d is creating for us in each moment.

Notice all the tiny white, blue, and silver dots which allude to the dynamic structure of this world, which is reborn and sustained moment to moment. The oval space in the center of the painting represents our perception, with which we can align ourselves to perceive the light of G‑d sustaining all things. Our consciousness is the movement of paint flowing outwards and inwards into the oval, as perception is the lens through which experience everything. The white of the canvas, which can be seen beneath the color, is an expression of G‑d. G‑d is a foundational level which is behind everything we see. The blues represent the shechina, the female aspect of divinity, which comes down and envelops the world on Shabbat. Manifest the light of Shabbat inside you, in your perception, and in your soul. Shabbat shalom!