Dear Friend,

Brexit is big news these days. In case you live with your head under a rock, Brexit is a big referendum on Thursday, when British voters will decide whether to leave the European Union.

While there is lively debate whether it would be wise for the UK to leave the EU, since I am not British I will keep my opinion to myself. However, it seems fairly clear that they would be allowed to back out, should they wish to. It was a union made for economic and political purposes, and a change in circumstance can very well render the union a burden rather than a boon.

And then there are unions that just don’t break up. Like the union of the Jewish people. We can disagree with each other. We can vex each other. We can do everything different from each other. It does not matter. We are one people, united by a common Torah and a common Father in Heaven.

You may like falafel, and the guy down the hall may like gefilte fish. You may go to synagogue twice daily, and the Jew across town many not have stepped foot in one since his bar mitzvah.

We are one people. Forever. No Jewxit for us, and thank G‑d for that!

Menachem Posner,
on behalf of the Editorial Team