A Torah scroll is made up of 304,805 letters. If even one letter is missing or incomplete it renders the entire scroll invalid. This concept serves as a metaphor for the Jewish people; for our nation to be complete each one of us is necessary.

During the summer of Operation Protective Edge there was a small art show in our neighborhood titled "Spiritual Defense", and the painting featured here was my contribution. It was my hope, that my portrayal of the scribe writing a letter in a Torah scroll would inspire every Jew, wherever he or she may be, to purchase a letter in the Unity Torah Scroll.

An additional torah scroll is being written especially for children in the Old City of Jerusalem, and each child that purchases a letter receives a personalized certificate.

Imagine if every single Jewish child, regardless of their affiliation within the Jewish community, would have a letter in this scroll, the certificate, a prized possession, hanging in their room, connecting them to Jewish children all over the world. What a show of unity! And what a profound message to our children.