Have you ever been lost looking for something in the more than 100,000 articles, videos and audio files published on Chabad.org? That’s why we built and continue to refine a strong search tool.

In fact, we just improved it.

The result? A dozen major changes to our search engine. Among them is the introduction of Chabad.org's new SiteLinks feature. Instead of finding a seemingly endless list of articles on a given topic, searches on Chabad.org now feature key subcategories on a given search term.

What does this mean for you, the user?

Try searching Shabbat candles, for example. What comes up will be a digest of all major articles on the topic: "How to" Guides, Frequently Asked Questions, videos and more.

Simply put, the SiteLinks feature offers better access to the breadth and depth of 22 years of the Chabad.org knowledge base.