Dear Friend,

Having torn myself away from a beautiful Passover in Israel, I want to share a thought I brought back with me:

Israel is a microcosm of each of our lives and of our planet. Why? Because it’s not just a chunk of land. It’s the promised land. It’s unique, sacred earth.

This body that you’re in, this life you’ve been given—it’s your promised land. And this planet we dwell upon, these people we need to learn to live with—they are humanity’s promised land. The story of the Land of Israel and the Jewish people is meant as a model, a highlighted fractal of the whole.

Look at things this way, and everything changes. You stop kvetching and start finding solutions. And you value every moment. Because every moment is another footstep across sacred earth.

In my mind, this is the key to all solutions—this awareness that life has meaning, where you are is with purpose, and every moment is eternity.

Just my Israel-inspired thought. You’re the reader. Tell me yours.

Tzvi Freeman,
on behalf of the Editorial Team