Dear Friend,

Mother’s Day is coming! Schoolchildren throughout the United States are designing greeting cards, retailers are advertising gifts, and restaurants are tallying up brunch reservations.

Interestingly, the second Sunday of May is also Rosh Chodesh—the day when the new crescent moon begins to appear in the sky. The connections between the moon and motherhood are many. Both follow a monthly cycle, both have their ups and downs, and both provide a soft and tender light that brightens up the darkest of nights.

In fact, did you know that Rosh Chodesh is often viewed as a mini-holiday just for women? So when you gather with family and friends to celebrate a special woman in your life, come prepared with some special texts or activities, and make it into a Rosh Chodesh celebration.

Happy Rosh Chodesh!

The Editorial Team

P.S.: How do you celebrate Rosh Chodesh? Please leave a comment and let us know.