This year say the Mah Nishtanah (the Four Questions) at the Seder like a pro!

The Passover Seder remains the most widely observed Jewish tradition in America as food, family, conversation and tradition come together for a powerful storytelling experience.

Perhaps one of the highlights of the Seder experience is the asking of the Four Questions, the Mah Nishtanah.

Yet the Mah Nishtanah, so central to the Seder, can be daunting to those unfamiliar with the Hebrew.

That’s why is proud to offer our Mah Nishtanah Trainer.

This interactive web-app allows participants to hone their skills at reciting the Four Questions, practicing those words or phrases they find the most difficult.

It features the Mah Nishtanah according to Ashkenazi and Chabad tradition, as well as in Modern Hebrew and in Yiddish.

Check out the Mah Nishtanah Trainer now!