Dear Friend,

One of the many great delights in working with the team is learning about and covering, day in and day out, the extraordinary work of Chabad-Lubavitch shluchos around the world.

This past week, their work was highlighted once again at the Kinus Hashluchos, the International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Women Emissaries, and I invite you to enjoy inspiring videos and photos and news stories from the event, as well as articles related to the anniversary of the passing of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson, of righteous memory.

Not just chroniclers of the work of Chabad-Lubavitch women, our team members are active participants in this global work. Nowhere is this more evident than at, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary as the world’s premier destination for Jewish women.

Stay tuned for more news about the 10th anniversary of TJW and how you can help celebrate. In the meantime, join me in thanking all the women at for the difference they make every day in the lives of Jewish people everywhere.

Yaakov Ort,
on behalf of the Editorial Team

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