Dear reader,

What’s so great about a birthday?

The day you were born is the day you became your very own person. It’s the day that G‑d said, YOU are needed in My world. Your talents and abilities are necessary to fix your specific corner of the world.

So, it’s a day to ponder: What have I accomplished by being here? Did the world change because of me? Did I have any impact on others? was born 10 years ago on the 22nd of Shevat, in honor of the yahrtzeit of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson, who gave so much of herself for the sake of Jewish women. It’s been an incredible 10 years of rapid growth as a site. But is so much more than just a site. We are an all-inclusive community and online home for women, empowering women to find their unique voices—through learning and education, through inspiration and life experiences, and through practical tips and advice.

Over the years, we have reached all kinds of women, all over the world. Women who are homebound; women in high-powered careers. Women who are homemakers; young women and old women. Women who are the only Jewish person living in their town to whom we are their only connection to their heritage, as well as women who live in large Jewish metropolises.

But a birthday is not a time to smugly sit back and be satisfied. It is a time to ask ourselves: What more can we do? How can we make a bigger impact?

On one’s Jewish birthday, it is customary to get together with family and friends to celebrate Jewishly. And so, we turn to you, our dear readers, and ask you to help us grow and inspire even more women.

Share with us what you like and what you would like to see. Share with us how we have made an impact on your life. If you read something that you enjoy, let us know, but even more so, share it with your friends. Visit us and like us on our Facebook page and invite your friends to join our weekly free email list.

We invite you to celebrate our birthday with us. This year, help us become an even bigger and better home for every Jewish woman across the globe!

Chana Weisberg

Editor, TJW

P.S. We really do love to hear from you, so let us know how is a part of your life.