Dear Friend,

This is a dangerous confession: I rewrite the Daily Doses continuously.

Over 1,000 Daily Doses of Wisdom have accumulated since I started writing them in 1994. And whenever it’s their turn to reappear, they each get a review—and usually a rewrite.

Why? Because I look at something I wrote three years ago and say, “No, that’s not it!” And I edit, discard and rewrite until I say, “Yes!” And then, three years later, I look again and say, “No, no, no.” So I rewrite again.

Not that it was wrong the first time. Or the second. Or the third. They’re not my ideas—they’re Torah ideas. But, hey, if you’re alive, you can’t stand still. And if I’m moving forward, then the way I grasp an idea has to move with me.

That’s what it says about the divine voice we heard at Sinai: “There was a great voice that never stopped.” Every day, every moment, it’s speaking to us the same words with the same thunder and lightning—no difference. Torah doesn’t change—but you change, you grow, you are a new person each day. And so, every day, you look at all the Torah you ever learned and you say, “Wow. I never really understood this before!”

How about you? Do you revisit the things that you learned yesterday, or last year, or when you were younger? Or do you find yourself saying, “That? I learned that already!” Are you still at Sinai?

Tzvi Freeman,
on behalf of the Editorial Team