Artist’s Statement: This painting began life some twenty-five years ago as part of a series of landscapes featuring Jerusalem. Dominated by shades of brown, sienna and gold, the warmth of these earth tones suggested something of the city's ancient Biblical history. Over the years, layers of paint were added but the painting remained lifeless until a menorah was added. The menorah embedded in the heart of Jerusalem finally gave the painting a sense of completion. Lit up, Jerusalem came back to life.

When the holy Temple stood, the light of the menorah (a visible sign of the supernatural light of the Shechinah) emanated from the windows which were uniquely constructed to let light out, rather than in. It illuminated not only the Temple courtyard, but all of Jerusalem. To complete the picture of Jerusalem, there needed to be light in the middle of the scene, the golden light of healing and brotherhood and true peace, which we pray will shine again soon from the heart of Jerusalem.