Hi there,

If you’re reading this on your computer, all you need to do is glance up a bit and you’ll notice that we’ve redesigned the header of Chabad.org to grow and shrink to fit your screen.

Now this may seem like a technical change, and you’re right: It is technical, but it has some very practical implications. Most of them are the kind of changes that many folks like us hardly notice, but make a real difference “under the hood” of your favorite Judaism website.

There are, however, some really cool features that you can see at glance:

  • All through the website, you have lots of clean white space on both sides of the text you are reading. Good for your eyes, and prettier besides.
  • Even as you scroll down on any given page, the menu will remain on top of the page, so you can easily navigate to your next Chabad.org destination without scrolling back up. You can look out for more easy-to-access features there in the months ahead.
  • You may also notice that along the very top there’s some new personalized information, including candle-lighting time in your area (if you’ve set your location), the Torah portion, the Jewish date and other timely goodies.
  • Did you see the bottom part of the home page? Each item is now neatly situated in a clean, white card. Again, easier on the eyes and much slicker.

The Chabad.org Development Team

P.S.: Can you spot any other upgrades? Please share them (along with any other feedback or suggestions) below.