Dear Friend,

It seems the world has been facing an unusual amount of turmoil. The Russia-Ukraine conflict continues, Venezuela and Greece are in the midst of ongoing crises, the US struggles with unrest, refugees from the Middle East are desperately clamoring for safety in Europe, and as always, Israel’s existence is threatened. And this is but a small sampling of the suffering in the world.

And then there are people in our own lives who are suffering, too—the children who have no one to take them to synagogue, the single parent who works three jobs and still struggles with the basics, the family who has a sick child in and out of hospital . . . and the many people who simply drift along, lost and disenfranchised.

As a nation that has consistently faced immense persecution and suffering throughout history, we are in a unique position to understand, empathize with and support those less fortunate.

With Rosh Hashanah almost upon us, G‑d is more available than ever, and it’s up to us to ask Him for what we need. On Rosh Hashanah He decides what will happen over the coming year, and our prayers can influence those decisions. With heartfelt, meaningful prayer, coupled with real, practical assistance, surely we can make a difference, and usher in a year of peace and blessing.

May 5776 bring the end of all suffering. Amen.

Miriam Szokovski,
on behalf of the Editorial Team