Dearest Chaim Boruch,

I see it in your eyes, and your smile reflects what I can only imagine is in your heart.

Your big brother is beginning a journey in your honor, and I know you are proud.

Schneur will be cycling from San Diego to Manhattan in the Friendship Circle’s “Investors Bank Bike 4 Friendship,” raising money for children with disabilities just like you, and yes, my dear Chaim Boruch, you are his inspiration.

One hundred miles a day for six weeks. A challenge for the body and mind. A journey on bumpy roads, narrow paths and unsure ground. Yet the horizon is magnificent, full of breathtaking shades of the heaven meeting earth.

A ride with a heart and soul. Doubled. A bond and friendship of two brothers. Schneur will be your wheels, and you are his energy. Determination, dedication and toil.

A moment in time where you share the same road, acknowledge the depth of the challenge, and persevere. A moment in time when all that seems different is now the same. When the wheels of the cycle of life synchronize with two hearts. Motion with emotion. A chain that links the spirit of siblings and the vitality of commitment.

One day, you too will ride. Your unstable legs will hold you up high, while the wind passes you by. Your little hands will grasp with strength the handlebars of direction. And you, too, will feel the gift of movement, coordination and speed.

I imagine your laughter, deep from within, upon your dreams coming true. And all the while, I will laugh with you too.

The Talmud states: If someone says, "I have worked hard, and I have not been successful," don't believe him. If someone says, "I have not worked hard and I have been successful," don't believe him. If someone says, "I have worked hard, and I have been successful," believe him!1

So together, you and Schneur will work hard. And you will both succeed.

Two brothers. One journey. One challenge. One dream.

(For more information about the Friendship Circle, click here.)