There is a common refrain that “the devil is in the details.” But following chassidic teachings, we at believe that G‑d is indeed in the details (and everywhere else). Especially when it comes to performing His commandments, the mitzvahs, even the smallest details are significant.

Those details are part of halachah (Jewish law), the ways of living which were given by G‑d to Moses at Sinai, and further clarified and expanded by the sages and scholars through the generations.

We are therefore very excited to announce a new video series on this topic: Practical Halachah.

The new series will be taught by renowned halachic expert Rabbi Yosef Shusterman of Los Angeles, who will help viewers learn by explaining and relating Jewish law as it applies to real life.

The first course in this series will focus on the laws of Shabbat. What are the requirements for kiddush? How is food prepared before and during Shabbat? What can a person do, for example, in case of a medical emergency on Shabbat?

Each class will offer a detailed look into another topic. This course is sure to enrich your knowledge and observance of the special mitzvah of Shabbat.

To sign up for the new series, click here.

P.S.: Special thanks are due to Rabbi Mendel Shusterman for his important part in making this class a reality.