Dear Friend,

Having moved into our first home with our own yard this past fall, our family eagerly looked forward to spring when we would be able to get out and garden.

Seen through a thick layer of brambles, leaves, weeds and more—it seemed impossible to envision our yard as a clean, fresh space. But with the help of some nice guys who came with axes, chain saws and a truck, our backyard was debris free. Then came the real challenge: making something beautiful there.

We’ve started small, adding purple flowers to the concrete planter by our front steps, sprinkling grass seed, and patrolling the walls of our house for creepy vines that keep on coming back.

We’re far from finished, but there’s no doubt that our home is no longer the eyesore it was.

Based on a verse in Song of Songs, the Rebbe famously compared our world to a garden. Yes, we need to cut the weeds, plant flowers, and tidy the grass. And yes, there is more we can do before our yard will be objectively considered beautiful. But that’s no reason why we shouldn’t jump right in and do what we can.

One extra flower at a time, we can make this world beautiful.

Menachem Posner
on behalf of the Editorial Team

PS: Have you been gardening lately? What experiences, lessons, or tips would you like to share? Please leave a comment. We'd love to hear from you.