Dear Friend,

I love Passover.

I love the fresh, healthy and natural food that we eat (our family is particular to prepare just about everything ourselves, to make sure it’s 100% chametz-free). I love the songs that we sing every year at the Seder (okay, we try to sing them, but genetics prevent us from fully realizing that wish). And I love the fact that we often get to divide our time between my parents and in-laws, where so much is the same, but so much is different.

Every Jewish family uses the same boilerplate, but every Seder is so different. We all just read the same Haggadah, crunched the same matzah and drank the same wine, but the conversations in every home were unique.

And this is what Passover is all about. Taking a national experience and making it personal. It’s not just about our nation leaving Egypt, but it’s about me leaving my personal Egypt and embarking on my journey to my personal Holy Land and attaining freedom from whatever may be holding me back.

Enjoy the rest of your journey!

Menachem Posner,
on behalf of the Editorial Team

P.S. What customs and practices make your family’s Seder special? Please share a comment and let us know.