Dear Friend,

Sometimes we just need help from Above.

When a person is trapped in quicksand, his every instinct is to move. But every effort to get himself out only drags him down deeper. He can be freed only when he cries out for help and is willing to take the hand that will free him.

On Passover night we will sit at the Seder table with our children, just as we sat with our parents, and just as they sat with theirs, a chain of collective consciousness and memory that stretches back thousands of years. We will remember and retell that once, in Egypt, in slavery and bondage, we cried out from the depths of our beings, and it was then, with a strong hand and an outstretched arm, that G‑d, and G‑d alone, took us out. And this year, as every year, with great feasting and joy we will celebrate the certainty that we will do our part and He will take us out again, once and for all.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Passover,

Yaakov Ort,
on behalf of the Editorial Team
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