Dear Friend,

Can serve you a cup of steaming hot cocoa? While we wish we can, and technology is making remarkable progress, that app has yet to be developed.

We do, however, want to reach out to our readers across the United States, and particularly in the Northeast. The storm is coming fast and furiously, and many of us will find ourselves with extra time at home during the next couple of days. Extra time to relax, time to enjoy the beautiful powdery white stuff, time to connect with our families and loved ones—and time to study Torah!

So here are some suggested videos and reads—both for adults and for children—which we hope you will enjoy.

Here is a story to enjoy and discuss with children, a perspective to spark parshah conversation and thoughtful Chassidic insight fresh from the press.

For those of you with kids home from school, here is a great video to watch together, an easy and entertaining recipe and a craft you can make with just duct tape.

On the topic of videos, here is a motivational talk of the Rebbe, a parenting workshop from a widely acclaimed educator and a parshah lecture from one of our favorite presenters.

Providentially, we’re gearing up to an historic date on the modern Jewish calendar at the end of this week. Read more about it here. And, if you haven’t acquired them yet, these two books can definitely illuminate the date’s significance some more: and

Stay warm and safe, and please reach out to your neighbors—especially the elderly. We pray that the storm harms no one. Oh, and don't forget to make a nice kosher cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows—and serve it to yourself on our behalf.

Your friends at

P.S.: We want to hear from you. Share your winter stories (or frustrations) with us, and if you are not in the Northeast, please enjoy (or kvetch about) whatever weather G‑d has sent your way. Click here to share. And for all of you in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoy these summer days.

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