Dear Friend,

Passover is still three months away, but the story of the Exodus is being read, discussed, and dramatized in classrooms and at Shabbat tables across the world, as we read the Torah portion of Bo which covers the last three plagues. (The story began two weeks ago and continues through the next few Torah portions.)

These highly dramatic Torah passages are read during a rather holiday-bereft month—Tevet. The way I see it, this is a perfect chance to get a head start on Passover. The Passover story is so rich, complex and poignant, but it seems there’s never enough time to delve into every aspect of the story and its relevance.

The story of the Exodus is the story of our formation as a nation—a nation which has since withstood the tests of time and persecution. It is our story, and we should know it intimately. I encourage you to take the opportunity over these weeks, to follow along with the weekly Torah readings and delve into our communal past. Familiarize yourself with the details of our beginning—and you’ll arrive at Passover with a deeper understanding of the holiday and our nation.

Miriam Szokovski
on behalf of the Editorial Team