Dear Friend,

Overheard around Chanukah time:

Daddy? Where can I get a shiny sword? I want to be a Maccabee. Swish, bam! I’m gonna get so many bad guys…

Son, I think you only heard part of the Chanukah story. Yes, the Maccabees fought bravely against the Greek invaders, but they didn’t do it because they liked to fight or to slash their swords. They fought back because the Greeks wanted to separate them from G‑d and didn’t let them learn Torah and do mitzvahs. It wasn’t easy to be a Maccabee. There were many Jews who supported the Greeks, but the Maccabees followed their faith.

You can also be a Maccabee. When you are with your friends, don’t just see what everyone is doing and do the same. Remember who you are. Remember that you believe in G‑d and He believes in you. When you grow up and go out into the world, you’ll be a Maccabee when you don’t let your surroundings control the way you act.

Wow! Sounds wonderful, Dad. If I do all that, will I get a sword?

We all have our Maccabee moments, and most of us can probably have some more.

Mendy Kaminker
on behalf of the Editorial Team

P.S.: We will be celebrating Chanukah in thousands of places all over the world. Please click here to find an event near you.