Dear Friend,

Along with so many others worldwide, we had hoped to devote this space purely to good news, and especially to publicly recognize the extraordinary miracles that G‑d is performing on a daily basis in the Holy Land where, despite the best efforts of our enemies, there had been no direct loss of life from the thousand-plus missiles sent our way. Confront any military man or woman behind closed doors and they will all tell you: Iron Dome notwithstanding, the endless near misses and “open fields” defy logic. It is all truly miraculous!

Indeed, “the G‑d of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps,” and we should do our part in recognizing that our existence is one determined and closely governed by a Higher Force.

Would that we could devote this space only to this all-important message that we must always remember and be thankful for. Unfortunately, as if to remind us of how dangerous the situation in Israel actually is, we all learned yesterday of the tragic death of Dror Chanin, who had gone to the Israel-Gaza border to bring food and good cheer to members of the Israel Defense Forces.

While we can never deign to understand G‑d’s mysterious ways, Dror's message to us is clear: Do not stand by idly; help in any way you can. And, in Dror’s memory, we all can truly support our brothers and sisters on the front lines.

How so?

​The Rebbe would always remind us that we must employ not only material protection, but place equal emphasis on our spiritual defenses. As one body, the mitzvahs we perform anywhere, especially donning tefillin and performing other mitzvahs like lighting Shabbat candles, have a direct impact on our brethren in Israel and particularly the soldiers of the IDF, whose merit in risking their very lives in mesirut nefesh (self-sacrifice) to protect the rest of us is already worthy of the greatest of G‑d’s rewards.

May G‑d continue to protect His people!​

The Editorial Team