I love my job as staff editor and news journalist at Chabad.org. I really do. I get to read, write, and think about interesting things.

Even data entry is interesting when you are entering interesting data.

In the past few months some of us have slowly been adding chapters from Rabbi Yosef Eisen’s amazing book on Jewish history, Miraculous Journey, which takes the reader on a 700-page tour of Jewish history—from Creation to President Obama—all in one volume.

Adapting the book for web publication allows us to see the juicy tidbits he shares. For example, how could you not want to read about how in medieval Germany the synagogue attendant would knock on everyone’s windows to call them to synagogue as early as 4:30 AM, or that in the 11th century Shmuel ibn Nagrela caught the attention of the vizier (prime minister) of a Berber king, and ended up serving as vizier and general of the Granadan armies of the era?

Fascinating stuff . . . no? You can read more here and come back to check for new material as we add even more chapters.

Thank you, Rabbi Eisen, for making this material available!