Dear readers,

How are you enjoying your journey?

You say you’re not currently on a journey?

Well, of course you are! We all are. Our lives are one long journey.

This week’s Torah portion, Massei, means “journeys,” and is about the Jewish people journeying forth from Egypt headed toward the Holy Land. It also metaphorically represents our own journeys forward, toward our own “holy land,” to accomplish our unique personal mission here in this world.

This week’s theme on TJW is all about our journeys through life.

Shifra Sharfstein discusses how to tackle life’s tough times. Joannie Tansky shares an amazing, heartwarming story which reminds us that throughout our journeys there is nothing that happens just “by accident.” Miriam Adahan helps us navigate our relationship journeys by providing tips on when it’s all right to wear a personal mask of deception. In our poetry section, we journey through life’s seasons, while our Thoughtstream column reminds us that while the summer may be more relaxed, there’s never a vacation from education. Our Parshah essay deals with the setbacks along our journey and how these are ultimately part of helping us to reach our destination.

So, what’s your journey like? Is it straightforward and clearcut, or do you feel like it is totally circular and roundabout? Do you ever feel like your journey is not really headed anywhere, or do you encounter roadblocks or road closures along your way?

Throughout all of our journeys, we meet people and experience places, events and life lessons. And every so often, as we travel forward in our life’s journeys, it may be worthwhile to ask ourselves if the direction we’re headed in is leading us towards our anticipated destination.

Happy journeying!

Chana Weisberg,
Editor, TJW

P.S. As our hearts and thoughts focus on our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land and our soldier’s fighting for our security, let us do our part and increase our prayers and mitzvot in merit of their welfare.