Dear Readers,

Ever ask anyone to describe “heaven”? Undoubtedly, you’ll hear a range of definitions and expectations. For one, it is a spiritually sensitive celestial abode. For another, it is a luscious piece of rich, decadent chocolate. To each person, this word means something different—based on his or her individuality.

This week we commemorate Gimmel Tammuz, the yahrtzeit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, zy”a. When you ask someone to define what the Rebbe means to him or her, you too will get a whole range of definitions and emotions, based on what the Rebbe encapsulates to each unique individual.

At the core, though, I believe that the Rebbe gifted us with a more profound perspective on how to look at ourselves and our reality. And since each of us is so unique and different, this gift can be expressed through so many different lenses.

This week at TJW, we explore how various individuals look at and relate to that deeper, more enriching reality.

It was a pleasure for me to work on our special feature this week, a video farbrengen with Mashi Lipskar, veteran shlucha in South Africa, where this filming took place. In the more relaxed and spiritually growth-oriented format of a farbrengen, Mashi eloquently explores the Rebbe’s gift of shlichus, reaching out to others. If you’ve never been at a farbrengen—and even if you have—this is a must watch!

In Three Kinds of Love, I share what the Rebbe taught me about the meaning of love, and how it can radically revolutionize our concepts of love and self.

Chaya Shuchat, our Parshah columnist, shares the perspective she gained from the Rebbe on achieving unity between people of diverse backgrounds in her essay Peaceful Coexistence.

This week we also reprint an excellent classic article by academic Susan Handelsman, on the Rebbe’s gift to her on the revolutionary role of women.

Resembling an Angel of G‑d is our tribute to a special woman, Mrs. Keny Deren, a model educator, whose warmth, vision and values personified what she learned and absorbed from the Rebbe.

And finally, through her personal musings, our Simply Special blogger, Chana Scop, shares her life with her special son, Chaim Boruch. Underlining her poignant thoughts, her outlook on life is infinitely enriched from Rebbe’s attitude towards special children.

Even our Women of Distinction column this week sheds light on the Rebbe’s perspective on converts as we explore the life and transformed transformed identity of Batyah, daughter of King Pharaoh who became Batyah, daughter of G‑d.

So sit back, relax and get ready to read a whole bunch of very different people’s enhanced perspectives on a whole range of topics that are sure to enhance your own.

And, as you read, a decadent piece of luscious chocolate wouldn’t hurt.

Chana Weisberg,

Editor, TJW

P.S. I just received the devastating news about our kidnapped boys. Our hearts go out to the families and we join all the rest of the Jewish people in mourning this horrific tragedy. May G‑d comfort their families.