Dear Friend,

Every country has one. Nations have rallied around it, soldiers have died protecting it, and its gentle wave in the breeze gives hope and courage to many.

It was again time to count the Israelites in the desert, and this time they were split into four groups, each under its own distinct flag.

The Midrash relates that when the Torah was given on Mount Sinai, the heavens opened and Israel caught a glimpse of the angels arrayed in legions, each with its own banner. Seeing this, they proclaimed, “If only we too could have flags like them!”

G‑d lovingly replied, “Not only is your wish granted, but the future messianic redemption will be in the merit of flags as well!”

A flag both unites and demarcates. A nation or army may have their own unifying flag, but each state and division within the country or army has its own distinct standard as well.

When we wave our distinct flags, we show not just our pride on being part of a greater group, but also in our own contributions, recognizing the unique abilities that we each possess.

So wave your flags with pride, teaching the world that each of us has a unique purpose and mission in life.

Yehuda Shurpin,
on behalf of the Editorial Team