Dear readers,

A few months ago, I was supposed to attend the out-of-town wedding of my dearest friend’s daughter. For months, I was eagerly looking forward to being at this wedding and sharing in my friend’s great happiness. And then, to my utter disappointment, the day before my flight was scheduled to depart, I caught a bad case of flu and, though heartbroken, reluctantly had to cancel my plans.

Who doesn’t love a wedding? Seeing the joyous, smiling faces . . . dancing to the happy frenzied beat of the orchestra . . . the subtle sweet scent of the bouquets of flowers . . . watching the bride exude beauty and innocence as the aura of promises and fresh new beginnings envelops the atmosphere.

Historically, June has always been the most popular months for weddings, and remains so, probably in large part due to its favorable weather. This year, the holiday of Shavuot falls this Wednesday and Thursday, on June 4th and 5th. Shavuot marks the greatest cosmic wedding to have ever taken place.

The wedding was held on the mountain, with the surrounding flowers and greenery serving as its lush décor, the thunder and lightning—the sights and sounds—as the awe-inspiring embellishments. The Torah was our Groom’s love letter to His people, and our future children served as the witnesses and guarantors that through thick and thin, we could and would continue to work on this marriage.

As the holiday of Shavuot approaches once again, we reenact our wedding day and relive the Sinai experience by creating for our Groom a very special place in our homes and hearts.

This Shavuot, as we read the Ten Commandments and renew our wedding vows, make sure to be there with your children and your whole family to recommit to this relationship with ever greater devotion.

Because, take it from me, it sure isn’t fun to miss out on a very special wedding.

Chana Weisberg,
TJW Editor

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