Dear readers,

My daughter shared with me this joke:

At the end of their day, the children trudge into their home.

“Hi, Ma! I’m starved. What’s for dinner?” one calls out.

“Mom, did you wash my sweater? I need it now,” asks the other.

“Mommy, I need help with my homework tonight!” demands the third.

“Mom, did you book my dentist appointment? My tooth is killing!”

“Where did you put my jacket??”

Though the questions and requests come fast and furious, Mom is not responding, because she’s not home.

So, as Dad appears, there’s a chorus of: “Hi, Dad! Where’s Mom??!

Just a few weeks ago, my daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. While this is my third grandchild, this was the first time I had the opportunity to be present at the birth.

The experience was an amazing gift, absolutely awe-inspiring. To witness this incredible ability that G‑d gave women to nurture the spark of life for nine months, by sharing their very bodies as the fetus develops into a real live human being . . . and then birthing this precious soul into our world . . . and actually see this perfectly formed, tiny little human being emerge from her womb of darkness and breathe her first breath of life . . .

There’s nothing like being an observer at the miracle and marvel of birth.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. This week, through our words and our actions, let’s acknowledge and give thanks to the many moms the world over who generously share of themselves and their love.

This week at TJW, the theme of love runs through all our offerings. In Parshah, Rochel Holzkenner shares with us her understanding of dealing with Disguised Blessings just weeks after her baby daughter was diagnosed with a life-threatening disorder. A Big Gray Lump Called Pain is a personal account expounding on this idea.

Also in Parshah, we learn how to Grow our Love in our relationships with our spouses and with our divine Groom, G‑d. Sara Chana Radcliffe teaches 4 Steps to a Great Marriage, while Sara Blau claims that World Peace is dependent on what goes on within the walls of our homes. Our Woman of Distinction is Rachel, the ultimate loving mother.

Malky Bitton continues her video series on prayer (which is all about communicating our love and gratitude) by exploring The Evolution of the Siddur. And, especially for Mother’s Day, a short video clip demonstrates how, like a loving mother cheering her child, G‑d too plays games with us.

If you are a creative mom, and are planning an upsherinish party for next Sunday, Lag BaOmer, be sure to check out Rita Brownstein’s post on Creating a Fabulous Upsherinish Party.

Wishing you a week filled with the gift of love.

Chana Weisberg,
Editor, TJW