Have you noticed the condition of the roads? Now that the snow has finally abated and the roads are cleared of ice and sleet, a new nuisance has surfaced.


You can’t drive far before the thump literally hits you. And just as you regain control of your leaping vehicle, you land with a new thud into the next, even deeper pothole, causing further damage to your car.

Though seemingly just an innocuous nuisance, potholes actually generate numerous mechanical failures and cost billions of dollars yearly to motorists.

During spring’s cycle of freezing and thawing, water seeps under the road’s pavement and weakens it. Heavy traffic over deteriorating pavement causes more stress, which leads to cracks and erosions. Without repairs, eventually chunks of pavement become loose and crack off, and the roads become the hazardous mess we’re driving on.

So, these irritating potholes are caused by insufficient pavement, inadequate drainage, and defects and cracks left unmaintained and unsealed.

As I cautiously drive though the city streets, trying to dodge the many unavoidable potholes, I begin to wonder: Is there perhaps a spiritual lesson in these potholes?

Like the roadways, when our homes aren’t sufficiently protected from negative influences seeping in, our principles begin eroding. As toxic emotions like anger, resentment or envy creep into our hearts—and we haven’t worked on repairing their damage—our safe environment becomes battered. It may begin as only a slight surface defect, but during the heavy traffic of life’s stressful moments, our every journey can become fraught with danger.

The antidote to this dangerous nuisance is maintaining a meaningful schedule. Moments of introspective prayer, times dedicated to Torah study, acts filled with giving and kindness can revitalize our perspective, drain the negativity and remind us of all that we have to be grateful for.

This week we change spiritual seasons. Pesach, the holiday of our liberation, comes to a close, and we begin our countdown towards Shavuot. During these seven weeks we prepare to receive the Torah anew by working on improving our character traits. In our spiritual climb upwards, let’s ensure that our environment is protected from anything that may erode our morals.

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Let’s avoid the spiritual potholes by infusing our homes with positive energy, protective warmth and nurturing wisdom.

Enjoy your ride! Safe driving!

Chana Weisberg,
Editor, TJW