Dear Readers,

I was to fly from Victoria, B.C. to San Diego, to deliver another lecture.

Waking at 3:30AM, I arrived at the airport to discover that my 6:30AM flight had been cancelled. Irritating to needlessly wake so early, I thought, but I’ll catch the next flight.

I was rescheduled to depart at 8:30AM and transfer in Seattle. But 8:30, 9:00 and 10:00 came and the flight was nowhere near departing. There was fog in Seattle and it was clear that this flight would not bring me to my destination.

By now it was 11:00AM; the program was scheduled for 7:00PM. Plenty of time…

The attendant looked for a replacement, but kept shaking her head, frowning. Finally, she victoriously announced that she had found a flight—it would arrive in San Diego at 9:00PM!

“Oh no,” I pleaded, “That won’t work!”

The helpful attendant was looking from one computer to another but finally concluded, “There is nothing; you need a miracle.”

Gulp! Out came my cell phone with my Tehillim (Psalms) app, downloaded thoughtfully by my son. Dear G‑d, please help.

After saying Psalm 112 (the Rebbe’s chapter this year), I mouthed my own silent prayer. “Dear Rebbe, I really need you to intercede on High. I’m tired; I don’t mind returning home. But your incredible shluchos put a lot of effort and there will be hundreds of people seeking inspiration. So, please help!”

Then I was calm; it was no longer in my hands. G‑d knows best.

“Now, wait a minute,” the kind attendant piped up from behind her screen. “Did you say you have only hand luggage?”

“Yes!” I had had a niggling premonition to travel lightly.

“This is a long shot,” she hesitated. “I have a flight to Vancouver with 50 seats; 48 passengers have already checked in. If the remaining two miss the cut off, the flight is yours. From there, you’ll fly to San Francisco and then to San Diego. You’ll arrive at 6:40PM. This is your only option. Hurry to the gate!”

So…after being in transit for 13 hours, with stops in 4 cities, I was whisked from the San Diego airport and arrived at my talk by 7:10PM. I was tired, a little hungry, but completely raring to deliver my speech.

This week let’s explore G‑d’s role in our lives. How involved is G‑d in the details, asks Shifra Sharfstein. As hard as we work, asserts Rochel Holzkenner, we need G‑d’s Magic touch to see success. And as happy as our marriage is, claims Yitchak Schochet, inviting G‑d increases our love. But, Rochel Spagenthal reminds us, we need to let G‑d in!

Thank G‑d for miracles.

Thank G‑d for nice airline attendants.

Thank G‑d for Tehillim apps—and sons who know how to install them.

Chana Weisberg

Editor, TJW