As I prepare this week’s selection, I’ve just returned from a speaking tour across the West Coast. I love these tours because of the amazing people that I meet.

So much of my time is spent behind my desk, writing, editing, compiling and putting together the material you read on our site. When I’m out traveling, speaking, and meeting the incredible people around the world, I finally have a chance to personally connect eye to eye with you, our readers. And in every location that I travel, I get to hear about how much this site means to you. What you love to read. What inspires you. What makes a difference in your life. And, sometimes, what even has transformed your life.

So, this week I thought I’d share with you a glimpse of some of the incredible people that I met.

To the woman who “picked my brain” for a deeper answer on why observant women cover their hair, and then promised to write to me when she begins keeping this mitzvah: I’m eagerly awaiting your e‑mail . . .

To the beautiful young woman who is contemplating beginning a life with her soulmate: I think it’s a great idea to begin taking baby steps in celebrating Shabbat.

To the Israeli woman who listened to my talk with what seemed a cynical eye, but then said I touched a chord as she realized that for her children’s sake, here in North America it is no longer sufficient to just “be Jewish,” but that her home and ideals need to actually reflect that.

To the woman who is trying so hard to keep her marriage together: please remember that you are so courageous.

To an amazing woman who hosted me: your eyes shine with gratitude and purpose, and I am sure your “project for the year” to help your child connect to her soul will exceed your expectations.

To the shluchos, who despite the many hardships move to spiritually forlorn locations to inspire our fellow Jews: you are so awesome!

In my talks I often speak about the stories of great women from the past. But the stories of great women from the present, each and every one of you—women who are so heroic in bringing positive change to your lives—is, to me, the greatest inspiration of all.

With absolute admiration,

Chana Weisberg,
Editor, TJW

P.S.: As women, we do so much, and can become obsessed with our work. Or even with our aging. Let’s take a moment to remember that there is so much to be grateful for, and so many to whom we are irreplaceable. This week at TJW, we also take time out to review the top 10 articles from the past year. I hope you’ll find some time to enjoy it all!